Our home inspectors are perfectly bilingual, hold "Errors and Omissions" insurance and are all active members of the  Association InterNACHI Québec

Our Home Inspections will not only provide an honest assessment of the home inspection but also our inspectors will ensure that it will be a educational experience to enlighten our clients about areas of health and safety so that when it comes to you and your family we can rest at night knowing that we address all areas of concerns.


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 are perfectly bilingual, hold "Errors and Omissions" insurance and are all active members of the  Association InterNACHI Québec.

Buying a house without a proper inspection by a building professional is a great way to attract future problems.  An inspector checks with a fine tooth comb all visual components and systems of a house, inside and out.


“The roof, siding, foundations, doors and windows, plumbing, electricity, heating and air conditioning systems, insulation, ventilation – everything is thoroughly checked.”


The inspector must report to the potential buyer all that is defective, dangerous and requires repair, replacement or major work.


There is no substitute for peace of mind.  In order to protect your investment, it is essential that the inspector you hire is covered by a proper professional error and omission indemnity insurance.  The inspector should be able to provide documentation proving that the insurance policy really exists.  In addition, consumer protection agencies recommend to alwayshire an inspector who is a member in good standing of a recognized provincial association, such as InterNACHI (Association of International Building Inspectors).


The purchasing of a house is one of the most important event and investment in a life time.  Before making a hasty decision, it’s essential to verify the state of the building you are interested in buying.  The buyer must take all necessary steps to protect his investment against visible construction defects.


The pre-purchase inspection consists of a visual inspection verifying the strengths and weaknesses of all major components of the house.


This interactive inspection is witnessed by our client to fully visualize the important points and take note of the suggested recommendations.  Prior to the start of the inspection, the owner-seller completes to the best of his knowledge and in good faith a document entitled ‘Discloser of the owner’.  This disclosure contains information on certain aspects of the house and helps the building inspector in completing his report.


Once the inspection is done, a detailed report accompanied with photographs is completed and sent promptly to our client with information on each component of the house along with a list of appropriate recommendations.


Home Inspection Process Explained


A home inspection will typically include a walk-through tour of the house during which the condition of the property is closely scrutinized, any important defects and deficiencies are noted, and recommendations for repair are made. During the home inspection the inspector will look for issues that could have significant impact from a health and safety perspective, or purely from a financial standpoint.


  • A typical home inspection takes two to three hours, and during this time the house is examined from the ground up and from the outside in.

  • A good home inspection should include observation, and when appropriate the operation, of the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and appliance systems, as well as observation of structural components: roof, foundation, basement, exterior and interior walls, chimney, doors, and windows.

  • Findings should be provided in the form of a comprehensive inspection report, which includes an objective evaluation of the condition the home clearly outlining any existing defects and potential problems.


When performed by a certified Lapello Building home inspector this inspection includes:


  • A thorough visual inspection of the structure (inside and out, from foundation to roof)

  • An examination of all major systems

  • An objective evaluation of the condition of a home

  • A digital report covering all findings and identifying potential concerns

  • Customers service and support


Infrared Thermography


If you are buying a home or renovating, then an infrared inspection is one of the best investments you can make. With our state of the art infrared cameras we can increase the security and level of comfort you will have when making your purchase or renovation. Things like moisture levels, heat loss due to poor insulation or missing insulation, plumbing and HVAC leaks, faulty wiring, pest infestation, building construction and more can be determined quickly and accurately at a price you can afford.


This form of building inspection is non-intrusive and non-destructive and allows our professional inspectors to accurately depict any conditions in your home or office that are not visible to the naked eye.


Les Inspections en bâtiments Lapello Inc., have the experience and training to properly use this technology. We understand building science, material properties, and the right conditions required for detecting problems. We use the latest equipment to ensure the best results.